The experience

5meo is a beautiful experience that allows people to move through unprocessed emotion and unhealed trauma, connecting to the source engery that lives inside every living thing. 

Seeing and meeting your needs

Driving into the depths our your own being can be monumental, and deserves to be respected and honored. We provide a safe container and support for you to have the experience that is need for your release.

Energetic release

We are all different and all have experienced trauma in one form or another in our lives, this experience provides a moment for every part of our being to connect to something outside us, allowing an energetic release. These traumas can be stored in the body, and forgot about in the mind. This experience allows us to come in contact with every part of our being.

Source energy

Connecting to this energy, can offer new insights into our life's and provide a healing in a profound way. Integration and preparation play a big part of the experience and allows a person to continue doing the work that is needed to life a full and happy life.

What clients say
"I’m feeling more connected then ever to my soul after our session… I want to pursue my aspirations and dreams, it doesn’t always please other people when we do that. I’m learning to accept that, and go my own way. Which is pretty extremely scary and peaceful at the same time This medicine gave me, so much love, clarity and trust to follow my path and jump into the unknown knowing I am safe. Safe to really trust my initiatives. I feel so blessed for this experience and blessed to have met such a beautiful and wise soul like yours.
"more to come"
"more to come"
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