We are the medicine

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Knowing where your medicine comes from

All our medicine is collected here on the property and is done with a lot of love and care, during the month of August, you can have the experience of going out to collect our own medicine.

We can be our own home

These experiences in the right context, can give us a have life changing perspectives to come back with, bring us back into connect with a deepest purpose and our essence.

Lives a life that promotes our own wellness.

Being wellness and sense of well being being into our own hands, becoming and knowing, we are our best forum of medicine. When we heal our selves we are collectively healing the planet with more conscious behavior.

What clients say
"I had left like something as missing in my life, some part of me that I had abandoned. I was feeling very stagnant in my energy and wanted it dive deeper into my own experience, mushroom allowed the murky stagnant energy to settle, what I was left with a clearer vision and desirer to REALLY pursue my happiness with a creativity and rekindled love for myself I had felt in years"
I had never tried any psychedelics in my entire life (63 years), and to be honest was a little hesitant at first, believes the only way to partake in psychedelics was to have a huge trip. Pete explained to me the process of micro dosing, and its benefits. I am beyond happy me and my husband tried this, and have even partaken in macrodosing, I could not believe that benefits we have experienced.
Mushrooms done outside of my prior recreational context , took on a whole new meaning. I had detoxed from substance abuse with the help of Ibogaine, after words I stayed at Flordelavdiaretreat for 6 weeks, during that time I became more adapt and had a whole new set of tools to go back home with, microdosing helped me to continue to work with medicines as I furthered in my proccess. It was a big part of my healing process from day to day.
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