Pete Aviles

Pete was born in United States and moved to Mexico 10 years ago. He originally came to Mexico to be treated with Ibogaine for opiate addiction (which started after he became paralyzed in a
snowboarding accident in 2004 and was prescribed opiates for pain). That experience changed his own life in a profound way, and showed him the tremendous healing power of connection
to ourselves, nature, and others. The experience also set him on the beautiful and fulfilling path of helping people in their own struggle through connection, and by facilitating moments, spaces, and ceremonies for people in need. Immediately after his own treatment, he began assisting with aftercare for those who had undergone Ibogaine treatment, and he found great joy in sharing that experience with others and facilitating the integration of that experience into their daily lives. Petie is a music producer, photographer and visionary artist. His love of life and nature and his very characteristic sense of humor keep his heart young. He has a special connection with all children. He loves to share love and joy with friends, and he always keeps a positive and real point of view, finding the beauty in every situation and in every person. He has been volunteering for Entre Amigos (a community center in San Pancho), teaching art to kids and helping with other art projects. 

Adam Canton

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