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About Us

Our goal is to bring people back to the simplities in life, becoming more aware to the connection with themselves and others, their environment and the space around them. We are social creatures my nature, and creating a safe environment for relationships to flourish is an important part of life. Healing is a group effort, that is felt by the world. When we heal ourselves we heal the world. 

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You are not broken, you are Unbreakable.

You do not heal from trauma, and nobody heals you either. You simply reconnect with that sacred place in yourself that was never traumatized, never broken, never damaged in the first place, your true Self, absolute and ever-present, innocent, and free.

Bufo Alvarius

Bufo is a beautiful experience that allows people to move through unprocessed emotion and unhealed trauma, connecting to the source energy that lives inside every living thing. The active molecule in Bufo is 5meo also known as The God Molecule.


Kambo cleans the body of toxins, as well as treating numerous health conditions. Kills bacteria, parasites, virus and fungus; flushes glands, liver and kidneys, working with you physicals, mentally and spiritually. 


The Ibogaine Treatment is an amazing life-changing experience, and we want support whomever is willing to take this new opportunity to live a new way and a more fulfilling life. The Aftercare Program at Flor de La Vida Eco-Retreat offers a safe, quiet and loving space for you to integrate your Ibogaine experience into our consciousness and your future life.


Mushrooms ofter us a  moment to step out of our default mode, allowing a openness to ourselves by giving us a change in perspective, which intern allows a deeper understanding of our own predicaments. Studies are now showing the repair of nero pathways more an extending amount of time microdosing. 

Why work with us

Both Nature and time have a unique way to rejuvenate and heal us if we allow space in our hearts lives  for this to happen

Rewarding Experience

We like to create scared space in a safe container for a more personalized and tended to experience.

Brilliant team

Work with a wide range of healing modalities and facilitators that offer a safe place to process.

Rich experience

We are dedicated to your process as an individual, building a sacred container your personalized experience.

AfterCare Support

We are dedicated to your process, and will continue to be in commutation with you after your process.

Engaging Process

From the first conversation to interaction from a far, we will continue be part of your process along your process.

Affordable Prices

We are able take into consideration people financial standing and work them if needed. (Must apply)

We aim to bring people back into there essence. To step back into there power and claim happiness which is birth right for us all.

Pete Aviles


Mentions & Testimonials

An amazing healer with a powerful ceremony to reach Nirvana and become one with true source energy. When doing any plant medicine, your guide is the key to the entire experience.

I have been planning my trip back since I got off the plane. This place IS magical! Petie took such good care of us. He really made sure we had everything we needed. Truthfully we didn't need much, the land is so abundant. We went kayaking and hiking-the landscape is beautiful. It was like stepping off the grid and into a space of connection. I am honored to have experienced Flor De La Vida once, and excited that we get to go back! This place is truly sacred.
An exceptionally healing place. Great vibe to become restored in. It's basic and so it should be. Its beauty fills the soul. The scenery is prehistoric, the night sky is unpolluted and for star gazing it is unrivalled. The clear waters of the lagoon refreshes the senses and reminds us of our true place within the universe
An amazing healer with a powerful ceremony to reach Nirvana and become one with true source energy. When doing any plant medicine, your guide is the key to the entire experience. You helped me become everything and nothing at the same time, for that, I truly thank you!
The retreat is set in a valley with a beautiful clean river, edged with a massive basalt cliff. There are trails all around for hiking and the river is great for a swim. So many birds and butterflies, it's a nature-lover's paradise! You will enjoy the quiet life here - the simple life
Richard Green
Seven Media

From our blog

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.

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WARNING ️ You may never want to leave this paradise once you visit! Absolutely incredible and magical, the property is LOADED with beauty. Perfect for those looking for a solid disconnect, a family retreat, a journey to another time, or just to experience a part of this planet that is barely touched by the hands of man!


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We are located right before Mascota, soon as you come out of the windy roads and hit a long staright stretch. The meeting location is the exit that has a sign that reads Las Moras